What happens if product is not picked up?

When an order is not picked up by the buyer, it will return to our store. Once product is returned in our store, we will manage to proceed the refund process.

The shipment and return costs to the warehouse must be paid by the person who purchased online, you will receive a refund corresponding to the order minus the shipping costs.

When we do not refund the product’s price?

– Product has signs of misuse, unverified damage or arrives in bad condition.
– Product is returned with a destroyed packaging, without the correct packaging, or with invalid labels that make the packaging unusable – 60% of the product’s value will be reduced.
– The product is returned with missing parts, or if the incident is not real – the product will not be refunded.

When do we refund?

Once the good is received in our store, and after checking the good’s condition, we will proceed to the refund. Don’t forget that the refund process might take several days after receiving the damaged product in our store.

What is not known as guarantee?

– Defects caused by mishandling , hits, misuse, tampering, wrong installation are not included.
– In the case of I.T products, the guarantee does not cover virus removal, software recovery.

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